Kill Me Quick


Boy from a flood plain….
You flood my mind,  day and night. I close my eyes and you are there waiting on the other side of my eye lids to haunt my slumbering
You twist my thoughts and I don’t know what to believe when your words and phrases can’t match your doing
I must be insane yet again to fall into another fleeting cauldron mystique . Yours is bigger though,  more mystery.. More uncertainty.. You are wrecking my nerves.
How can’t I let you go when the signs are so many.. Same old shit.. B.S for … This heart of mine.. This  weak loving heart of mine will be the death of me.


So kill me quick
Put me out of my misery.  Don’t drown my interest slowly and steadily…. waiting for me to give up fighting…. to let my life line go.
Look for your black dagger flood boy,  sharpen it with a painful sentence or two,  hold me still so I don’t run and push it through my heart
There,  kill me quick,  much better…and I bleed the feeling of you out of my dying heart with a sense of loss… How much I could have loved you… Your loss



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